Soulskin Journeys


Yasmin Suarez Shaddox shares her inner flame to illuminate the essence of others . She is alight with wonder and is innately attuned to natural rhythms; this way of being permeates all she touches.

In her powerfully transformative Soulskin Journeys, Yasmin kindles the core essence of those who attend. Yasmin inspires us to be in sacred relationship with the earth, to listen deeply to the present moment, and to open ourselves to the messages and generative gifts wildness offers. A devotee to the mystery of life, Yasmin brings her gifts of clear seeing and deep trust to the unknown we face every day. Carrying the wisdom of fire, she shines light into the darkness to illuminate the truth within.

Heralded as a compassionate knower and a seer of divine essence, Yasmin shares her light to expand, center, and propel others into the heart of their radiance, inviting them to walk in their inherent wholeness and truth.


Yasmin lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, two vibrant young boys, their dog Freyja, and a diverse array of Wild Ones who share their homeland. 

Yasmin has worked as a teacher bringing environmental studies and connection to inner city youth; taught environmental field studies programs from Chile to the Rocky Mountains, led family nature clubs; and facilitated women’s retreats. Her educational degrees include Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Elementary Education, Science Education, and she is a Wilderness First Responder. Yasmin’s continued learning comes from apprenticing to the wild, and harvesting wisdom and practices through courses with Animas Valley Institute, School of Lost Borders, a shamanic mentorship, and studying with teachers Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Christina Pratt.

Yasmin’s personal story and the origins of Soulskin Journeys can be found on the “About” page.

“Yasmin is a gifted tracker—a deep seer with an incredible ability to meet your Soul. Her skill, gaze, deep listening, and grandmother-like wisdom are each a profound gift. She is wise in the ways of the earth, a gentle but powerful initiatory guide, and a profound space holder. Yasmin’s work is an invitation into a deep remembering of who you are, where you come from, and how you belong. She is intimately connected with the more than human world and serves as a bridge between the seen and the Unseen, the known and the unknown. If you have the blessing to work with Yasmin, she will take you under her wing. She will not give you the answers, solve any problems, or keep you from falling if you need to fall, but she will invite you into an intimate relationship with your inner knowing, the parts of you who know and trust the way.”  - Sweigh Emily Spilkin of Thresholds Healing

"Yasmin is truly a wild woman healer! She is deeply connected to her own wisdom and discernment while channeling fierce truth, insight and love from beyond. She creates and holds ceremonial space from a place of deep listening, connection, honor, insight and awe.  She is one who has come into the world to support the healing of the earth, the humans and the planet.  I have the utmost trust and respect for Yasmin and the integrity and potency of the space she holds." -Katie Asmus of Namaste Healers