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 Soulskin Journey offerings 

It is time to embody our wise souls and visions. It is time to live in reciprocity with the Earth.  It is time to cultivate and tend our relationship to our own wild essence. For it is through this trusting, self-compassionate inhalation, this recognition and reclamation of our resourced wholeness, that we will be able to breathe back vitality to the greater web of life. This is our wild inheritance. You are invited to join us for a journey into this radical remembrance.

Soulskin Sojurns

An opportunity to incorporate soulwork into your life by dropping into a “Wild Soul Circle” or our “Women Who Run With the Wolves” Book Circle. For a few hours each month you are invited into your soulskin, so we may dive together below the surface and tune into the messages that dwell in the fertile terrain of soul.

A deep immersion for you to connect with the wild world + soul, so you may re-memeber your intimate belonging to the world; rekindle your natural rhythms; embrace your wholeness; and rediscover a vitality that revives your passion, purpose and power in your precious life.

A 9 month rite of passage open to those who have previously participated in the Soulskin Circle. The journey begins annually in the Fall and culminates in the Summer.

**Soulskin Journeys welcomes ALL womxn who mother in any way, ages 18+ from diverse ethnic, racial, and religious groups, political beliefs, sexual identities and gender identities including trans + non-binary mothers. We do our best to accommodate diverse physical abilities, but due to the nature of our environment and activities during the Soulskin Circle and Wheel there are some inherent limitations, so please connect with us if you have questions regarding whether this those programs are fully accessible to you in this way. **

If Soulskin Journeys’ offerings do not fit what you are seeking, or who we serve does not align with your identities, I would like to refer you to some other trustworthy individuals and organizations I have personal experience with and recommend highly: