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Soulskin Circle

A 4 Day Nature + Soul Retreat


A 4-day retreat steeped in soul, sisterhood, and deep connection with the wild world, so that you can be nurtured by Mother Earth and retrieve your sense of intimate belonging in the world; return to your natural rhythms; embrace your wholeness; and rediscover a vitality that revives your passion, purpose and power in your precious life.

Soulskin Circle is a deep journey around the circle of your whole being in relationship with the natural energies imbued in the diurnal cycle. From Thursday night through Sunday morning, we will travel together on an intensive, sacred journey. You will reclaim and adorn yourself in your “Soulskin”- an imaginal pelt that indicates a sojourn to your soul home, the hearth that rekindles and nourishes your wild elements. Through our Soulskin Circle explorations, you will tend to the diverse facets of your whole self, and embroider your Soulskin with the gifts you receive from the spirit of the North, East, South, and West. The treasures you generate from your journey are not meant to be forgotten, or left behind in this sacred realm. Instead, they are touch points for you to access in the every day world. The Soulskin Circle supports the integration of your wild nature into the rhythms of your daily life.

The Soulskin Circle is steeped in nature and weaves through practices of storytelling, meditation, art, myth, truth-telling, sensory activation, dance, play, ceremony, movement, stillness, dream-time, hiking, music, journaling, poetry, sharing nourishing meals, solo-time, sister-time, and so much more. 

Soulskin Circle Includes:

  • 4 days steeped in nature + soul, so that you may fully live in your Souslkin and journey through your inner and outer wilds

  • Integration support during the retreat through body work, cranial sacral, hot tub soaks, and movement, so that you can process and incorporate your Soulskin experiences.

  • A small sized group of 8 participants max, so that you can have a personal and intimate experience 

  • Handmade journal with a month of preparatory writing and/or art prompts, questions, reflections and dreamwork, so that you arrive at the Circle ripe and ready for your journey. 

  • Take home guided practices, a Soulskin Circle Map, and a bundle of ceremonial tools, so that you may have touchstones to support and integrate the Soulskin Circle into your life.

  • Nourishment- Seasonal, nourishing foods + beverages, so that your body may receive and be cared for abundantly and you can stay present to your soul journey.

  • Soulskin Sisters Forum- a place where you can connect to others who have taken a Soulksin Journey. Here we support each other on our individual and collective journey(s) as we integrate our soulskins into our daily lives. 

  • Accommodations on Site- Camping, Camper, or indoor rooms/beds, so that you can stay in your Soulskin Journey without interruption day and night.

Fall Soulskin Circle September 20 - 23, 2018 in Lyons, Co

Soulskin Circle Investment = $580

Soulskin Journeys welcomes individuals from diverse ethnic, racial, and religious groups, political beliefs, abilities, sexual identities, and self identified womxn ages 18+ to the Soulskin Circle. 



Soulskin Spiral

An 8 week journey to extend, deepen, and integrate the Soulskin Circle

The Soulskin Spiral is an 8 week, small group, and one on one experience that extends and deepens the journey around the Soulskin Circle and culminates in a daylong Soulskin Ceremony on the land, so that you can have the time and support to integrate and incorporate the gifts harvested in the Soulskin Circle into your daily lives; and initiate the wise and wild guide of yourself to navigate the continued journey of your soul-guided life. 

The Soulskin Spiral Includes:

  • 4 Group Circles where we dive deeper into the energies, archetypes, and teachings of each direction around the Soulskin Wheel of Life. 

  • 4 Group Councils, so we may tell our stores from our Soul Tasks and receive mirroring and reflections for one another

  • 4 Soulskin Journey Soul Tasks- personal soul work between our circle meetings, so you can engage and explore the themes of the Soulskin Wheel in your personal life.

  • 3 1:1 private sessions with me to get personalized mentoring on your Soulskin Journey 

  • A daylong Soulskin Ceremony- In person, on wild land here in Lyons, Co. (or by distance if travel here is prohibitive). You will create and enact a self designed ceremony, (with support!), to cross a threshold into your larger life. 

Soulskin Spiral Schedule: 8 Circle meetings Fridays 12:00-1:00 MST; Daylong Soulskin Ceremony on the last weekend of the season (Schedule dates/times are flexible so we can accommodate those who sign up)

Soulskin Spiral Investment = $850


Soulskin Wheel

A 9 month Rite of Passage for our Soulskin Sisters Community

This special 9 month rite of passage is an offering open to those who have participated in the Soulskin Circle / Spiral. The journey begins annually in the Fall and culminates in the Summer. 

Soulskin Circle breathed life back into a spirit that had felt withered and lost for some time. I re-discovered a power within myself that I had long ago lost, and a support from spiritual guides that had previously been inaccessible by me. Unlike other “retreats” where I had an enlightening experience, but then returned to the “real” world, I instead underwent a literal transformation that penetrated my soul and has become part of me, serving as a daily guide. As a result, I have returned to my life outside the Soulskin Circle more alive and grounded. I heartily recommend giving yourself over to your own powerful and unique Soulskin Journey experience. What lies within you that is aching to be discovered…or rediscovered?
— Lisa Bailey Morrison, CO
I recommend this to those wanting to delve deeper into themselves, to reconnect with their essence, to share space with amazing and inspiring women, and be reminded of the importance of sisterhood.
I think I was crying within 10 seconds at our first circle, and consistently cried on and off quite regularly throughout the entire weekend. They were not tears of sadness, but rather tears of gratitude for instantly feeling like I was part of something that felt beautiful, fulfilling, meaningful and REAL. I felt as if every moment I was peeling away layers of stuff that has served to cloud my soul, my essence. I felt at times like I was bubbling over with joy. The experience pushed me in areas where I was uncomfortable, exposed my insecurities, challenged my notions of myself, and life- all in a safe, comfortable and embracing environment. I was able to let go of most of the labels and judgements I had given myself and just melt into the experience. I left feeling a much deeper connection with myself and thus a much deeper connection to others.
— Alyson Cardwell, Fort Collins, Co
I was very hesitant to attend a soulskin journey as I am very uncomfortable sharing feelings in a group setting. But, I felt a strong calling to attend, and am so deeply thankful that I did. It is not to say that I didn’t meet with some internal resistance during parts of the journey that required sharing vulnerabilities, but the bravery, honesty and compassion that emerged from the group was contagious. I left the journey feeling that I satiated the yearnings that had been continually lingering under the surface of my too busy life. And for the first time in a long while, felt utterly content. I also left with deep and supportive friendships to last a lifetime and I set of promises to myself, that I know I will keep.
The best teachers are those who “walk the talk”. Yasmin is a wise and kind facilitator, and an inspiration in listening deeply to your soul’s desires and the having the bravery to follow what you hear.
— Becki Meadows, Boulder, Co
“Soulskin ripened me for the work that is to come. It allowed me to reconnect to ritual, my purpose, my sisters, and the Divine. Yasmin is an excellent, humble, gentle guide who opens the door to the depths below the surface of the everyday and maintains a sacred space that feels truly safe for authentic exploration. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to not have to worry about taking care of everything—to just enter a day with an open heart and send the rest packing.” 
— Kristinha Anding, Encinitas, CA
Soulskin Circle was wonderfully nourishing and I am still feeling the benefit of it in my life. It helped me remember who I am. If you are ready to deepen into your power through grounding in the natural world, ritual & ceremony, solo quests, soul nourishment, and sacred council practices, sign up!
~Lindsay Wolf ~ Lyons, Co~
— Lindsay Wolf, Lyons, Co
Soulskin Circle was a time to drop into soul’s deeper callings and messages. I was able to still myself, to slow down and listen to what really matters: breath, body, dreamtime, connection to myself, to my sisters, to the earth, to the sky, to the all of life...even to the tiny black ants. Soulskin is an opportunity to drop in and access the many layers and levels of who you are.
— Beth Erlander, Boulder, Co
“The Soulskin Circle is such a powerful, wild woman, deep nature communing gathering. If you are looking for a retreat this summer that is intimate, deep, wild, connecting, and immersed in nature- this is the one! Yasmin’s facilitation is beyond incredible: full of heart, depth, healing, and wild woman ways! I highly recommend this for you dear Sisters! “
— Noora Keheela Via, Oregon
I’m so appreciative for my journey with Souskin. Yasmin’s authentic, down to earth facilitation is infused with heart and wisdom and the land is nurturing and strong. I felt so well cared for and had the gentle space for deep insight and personal growth.
— Martha Gilbert, Lyons, CO
Before coming to Soulskin I was struggling with managing my personal needs, (physical, emotional, and spiritual), with my families all around needs. I was living in a deprived place in many ways. On an emotional level, I am very capable of self soothing and resourcing when I get upset, but I do not do a great job at creating a life that puts myself first. This looked like me constantly thinking about my children’s and husband’s needs, hopes, and feelings above my own. This looked like me staying up late into the night reading, writing, or watching TV to feel the space I yearn for during the day. This looked like me stressing about preparing meals, and feeling a general sense of overwhelm.

I said YES to the Soulskin Circle because I knew in a deep place inside that I needed to. I honestly didn’t want to say yes. I felt resistant. I worried I would be agitated by the other women. I felt my family needed me. I couldn’t afford it. I was ready to run from it! However, my trust in the deeper yes inside of me got me there. THANK GOODNESS!

My deep deep self was met through the Soulskin experience. I realized how deprived and bone dry I was feeling. I felt like a nearly dead plant being brought back to life. It was profoundly helpful to me. I was honestly quite surprised how in need of it I was- I am so used to serving other I assume I am fine.

Through the journey, I loved being read to and invited to speak in a sacred space. I sang with my full voice publicly for the first time in a long time! The land was profound for me. I have always enjoyed being in nature, but this was another level. I felt so invited to play, to grieve, to get LOST and be found, to be reborn, to smell and see without construct. I came home and I feel so grateful. During the journey, my body ached a lot of the time but it felt like it was talking. Like it wanted me to listen and had the feeling I actually would…and I did! Selina was incredible in her generosity of touch and heart. Her willingness to stay with my aches gave me the safety I needed to relate to it. Yasmin felt like an incredibly well parent. Not as though I was a decompensated child or regressed, but more like I was invited to be a well human and she would hold me in that as an equal and a guide. That offering was profound to receive. I felt a sense that I was coming home from a long hero’s journey.

I left Soulskin with insights and commitments regarding balance, speaking soul language on a more regular basis, and staying in communication with the land. I left with a vow to care of myself! Wow, what a relief! This was an invitation I needed guidance taking, and felt ravenous for: To give myself the space for self care with no need being too big or too small.

To all who are considering the Soulskin Journey: This is an invitation to unfold into onself in a sacred way while with community. It is an experience harder to define, but never forgotten- a vortex into a more precise world guided by nourishing food, systematic ritual, and direct relationship with the earth and spirit. I have had many experiences with various retreats and this one is about learning through honoring one’s whole being rather than denying certain aspects of oneself in order to grow.
— Caitlin Flood Moore, Lyons, Co