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Soulskin Wheel

Soulskin Wheel


The Soulskin Wheel is a 9 month rite of passage open to those who have previously participated in the Soulskin Circle. The journey begins annually in the Fall and culminates in the Summer. 

This 9 month rite-of-passage for our Soulskin Community is for your who are feeling a deep call to cross a larger threshold in your life. This is for you if you are ready to say yes to unveiling the dream that is yearning to be lived through you, so you can emerge into the fullest expression of yourself, and offer your soul gift to the world. 

As a rite of initiation, this is a ceremonial descent to the underworld, in which we sever from our conditioned way of being in and of the world, uncover the wisdom of soul, and recover the gift that is ours to offer the world. The journey is a liberation from the unconscious prison of the overculture, so we may return to True Home. We unravel the binds that keep us in a too small, misfit story on the topside world, separate from our essence. It is a shedding of the oppressive conditions that dry us out and disconnect us from our true medicine and power individually and collectively. In this journey we surrender to the fertile darkness where we are available to hear the song dreamt into us at creation, so we may grow from that source, returning to the topside world ever anchored and animated from this true essence. Thus, this is a radical remembrance: A rooted recall of who you have always been, which is YOU…nothing and no one else. When we are re-membered in this way, we remember our true belonging to ourselves, our human and more-than-human ecological kin, and we contribute to a vital weaving of a thriving world that is wildly diverse, healthy, interdependent, resilient, visionary, and whole.

The Soulskin Wheel will begin during the Autumn Equinox, September 2019 and will close Summer Solstice 2020.

August 10th 9:00am: Introduction to the Wheel together on the land, open to all who are sincerely interested in exploring the possibility of joining us this year. 

Fall: Severance 

In the spirit of Fall, we begin by letting go. During this phase, we step away from everything fixed in our understanding as true and even unmovable, except what is essential and that is soul- the seed of our true nature and the essence animating all of nature. When we loosen ourselves from the roles, identities, and ways of being we have relied on for our foundation of reality and our world view, everything comes into question. We may come undone to be done by the underworld. In this domain, we dismember and surrender our ego that is bound to middle world striving, so that a new role for the ego as an agent of soul may emerge. In this passage, we enact ceremonies to release that which stands as a barrier to the underworld. We proclaim to Mystery how we are willing to do what it takes to step into the vast unknown and continue to slay the illusions and false borders that prevent us from this fertile descent. Here we risk all the little deaths it takes to travel deeper into the mysterious underground forest to reach the heart of the world and the seed of soul.

  • September 24th - October 25:  We begin with a series of 7 virtual meetings that will be recorded if you cannot attend live for ripening practices, prompts, and discussions.

  • October 26th: Daylong Severance Circle

  • November 16th: Daylong Severance Ceremonies

  • one on one session with Yasmin

  • personal soul tasks 

Winter: Resourcing

In the spirit of Winter, we will be diving in and tending our inner resources, so we are robustly prepared for crossing our threshold into liminal time, and the trustworthy unknown. We will also be working intimately with holy, mysterious guidance to co-create our authentic vigils. 

  • December 3rd at noon: Virtual Zoom Meeting 

  • December 21st: In Person Daylong

  • January 14th at noon: Virtual Zoom Meeting

  • February 15th: In Person Daylong 

  • March 14th: Community Care Daylong

  • 1 one on one session with Yasmin

  • personal soul tasks

Spring: Vigil

In the spirit of Spring, you enter your Rite of Rebirth and enact your co-created, authentic vigil ceremony. During this time we make ourselves humble and available for being dreamt by the earth, and be in conversation with the sacred. During 5 days and nights we immerse in the wild, inhabit medial threshold time, and hold vigil over our lives and entanglement in this great web of life. Each will go out in solitude to feed, and be fed by, a particular space that has claimed us and mirrors our true place in the world. This vigil is a period of liminal wakefulness, prayer, and devotional observance to the vision or truths that have been alive in you since before time, but you are now available to receive. In this way, each of us open to being reborn, become fully available to our true and rightful name, and receptive to the gift that is ours to carry back to the world. 

  • April 4th: Ripening with Mystery Daylong 

  • April 14th noon: Vigil Preparation check in

  • May 2nd: Vigil Preparation daylong 

  • May 14-18th: 5 days on the land together, 3 of which are in vigil and 2 in ceremony and council with our community

  • 1 one on one session with Yasmin

  • personal soul tasks

Late Spring: Interation + Incorporation 

As the spring birth-time unfurls towards summer, we enter the most important stage, the return. Here we apprentice to our visions and take actions to carry our visions back to the world. In this time of integration, we take care to return ourselves fully from our threshold time. “Incorporation” consists of the root “corp”, which means “body”, and thus incorporation is an act of returning fully to body. It is defined as “uniting or working into something already existent so as to form an indistinguishable whole; to blend or combine thoroughly; to give material form to; to unite in or as one body”. In this time we focus on this process. 

  • June 6th: Integration Daylong

  • June 9th at noon: Ceremony Prep and Check in virtually on Zoom

Summer: Embodiment

We were given a body and ego, and this is the earthly vehicle which nature bestowed upon us to carry our visions. This is the time for our resourced egos to become agents for soul. We have been gifted our particular visions, and a gift is also a responsibility to offer it to the world. Here we prepare a ceremony to enact our commitment to our giveaway so that the good of all life may be served bountifully.

  • June 20th: Closing Ceremonies + Celebration 

  • 1 one on one session with Yasmin

  • personal soul tasks

Summer Extension Option: Giveaway

Should you decide you want further support in embodying your gift and cultivating your giveaway to this world, we are offering 3 meetings to continue exploring, creating, and offering your medicine to our community. 

In the Soulskin Wheel, you receive: 

  • 14 Daylongs

  • 11 virtual meetings on Zoom

  • 4 one on one sessions with Yasmin + personalized soul tasks

  • Reintegration meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks) after the vigil + a closing celebration feast at the end of the Wheel

  • Support and accountability partner throughout the 9 months so you can check in and support one another with the material and support one another on soul wanders + soul tasks 

  • An active and private forum where we post resources, share experiences, ask questions about the material, connect, be reminded of meetings, etc.

The total investment for the Wheel is $2200, scholarships and payment plans are accepted as needed. 

If this is resonant with your soul, kindles your curiosity, or moves you to learn more, please contact us. You are also invited to explore more in person with me and others who are called in our community on August 10th. The intention of this day is to hear what is calling you, map out the wheel in more detail, answer questions, and begin the kindling of this powerful rite of passage! Should you already know this is for you and you are ready to commit, please let us know ASAP. This will only be available to a circle of 8, and expected to fill quickly, so once we are filled we will hold a wait list until we officially begin. 

The Soulskin Wheel is a journey like no other rite of passage. While other programs may set you out in the wilderness with days or maybe even weeks of preparation, the months of preparation on the Wheel - tending to soul tasks, connection with self, council with other women, deep relationship with nature and an incredible support system of guides - is a school of the soul. It is training in how to be deeply, unabashedly and soulfully oneself. The learnings continue long beyond the meetings, councils, wanders and retreats. It is an education for life. -KTR 2018/19 participant