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 Soulskin Journey offerings 

It is time to embody our wise souls and visions. It is time to live in reciprocity with the Earth.  It is time to cultivate and tend our relationship to our own wild essence. For it is through this trusting, self-compassionate inhalation, this recognition and reclamation of our resourced wholeness, that we will be able to breathe back vitality to the greater web of life. This is our wild inheritance.


Soulskin Circle

A 4 Day Nature + Soul Retreat


A 4-day retreat steeped in deep connection with the wild world + soul, where you will be deeply nurtured and re-memeber your intimate belonging to the world; rekindle your natural rhythms; embrace your wholeness; and rediscover a vitality that revives your passion, purpose and power in your precious life.

Soulskin Circle is a deep journey around the circle of your whole being in relationship with the natural energies imbued in nature’s cycles. From Thursday through Sunday, we will travel together on an intensive, sacred journey, tending to the diverse facets of your whole self. You will reclaim and adorn yourself in your “Soulskin”- an imaginal pelt that indicates a sojourn to your soul home, the hearth that rekindles and nourishes your wild elements. This journey of radical remembrance for your innately rooted and connected life is not meant to be forgotten or left behind in this realm, instead, we support the integration of your wild nature into the rhythms of your daily life.

The Soulskin Circle is steeped in wild nature and weaves through practices of myth, council, ceremony, sensory activation, dance, song, art, play, storytelling, movement, meditation, stillness, dream-time, hiking, music, journaling, poetry, sharing nourishing meals, solo-time, community-time, and so much more. 

Soulskin Circle Includes:

  • 4 days steeped in nature + soul, so that you may fully live in your Souslkin and journey through your inner and outer wilds

  • Integration support during the retreat, so that you can process and incorporate your Soulskin experiences.

  • A small sized group of 8 participants max, so that you can have a personal and intimate experience 

  • Handmade journal with a month of preparatory writing and/or art prompts, questions, reflections and dreamwork, so that you arrive at the Circle ripe and ready for your journey. 

  • Take home guided practices, a Soulskin Circle Map, and a bundle of ceremonial tools, so that you may have touchstones to support and integrate the Soulskin Circle into your life.

  • Nourishment- Bountiful, seasonal, nourishing foods + beverages, so that your body may receive and be cared for abundantly and you can stay present to your soul journey.

  • Soulskin Kin Forum- a place where you can connect to others who have taken a Soulksin Journey. Here we support each other on our individual and collective journey(s) as we integrate our soulskins into our daily lives. 

  • Accommodations on Site- Camping, Camper, or indoor rooms/beds, so that you can stay in your Soulskin Journey without interruption day and night.

Soulskin Soulstice Soulskin Circle June 20-23 in Lyons, Co

Soulskin Circle Investment = $580 - $850 (Sliding scale and tiered based participant’s needs + chosen accommodations) *Scholarships available, contact us to apply.

Soulskin Journeys welcomes ALL womxn who mother in any way, ages 18+ from diverse ethnic, racial, and religious groups, political beliefs, sexual identities and gender identities including trans + non-binary mothers to the Soulskin Circle. We do our best to accommodate diverse physical abilities, but due to the nature of our environment and activities there are some inherent limitations, so please connect with us if you have questions regarding whether this retreat is fully accessible to you in this way.


Soulskin Spiral

An 8 week journey to extend, deepen, and integrate the Soulskin Circle

The Soulskin Spiral is an 8 week, small group, and one on one experience that extends and deepens the journey around the Soulskin Circle and culminates in a daylong Soulskin Ceremony on the land, so that you can have the time and support to integrate and incorporate the gifts harvested in the Soulskin Circle into your daily lives; and initiate the wise and wild guide of yourself to navigate the continued journey of your soul-guided life. 

The Soulskin Spiral Includes:

  • 4 Group Circles where we dive deeper into the energies, archetypes, and teachings of each direction around the Soulskin Spiral.

  • 4 Group Councils, so we may tell our stores from our Soul Tasks and receive mirroring and reflections for one another

  • Soulskin Journey Soul Tasks- personal soul work between our circle meetings, so you can engage and explore the themes of the Soulskin Spiral in your personal life.

  • 4 1:1 private sessions with me to get personalized mentoring

  • A daylong Soulskin Ceremony- In person, on wild land here in Lyons, Co. (or by distance if travel here is prohibitive). You will create and enact a self designed ceremony, (with support!), to cross a threshold into your larger life. 

Soulskin Spiral Schedule: 4 Zoom workshops Mondays (4/8, 4/22, 4/5/6, 5/20) 12:00-1:00 MST; 4 group councils Fridays (4/19, 5/3, 5/17, 5/31) 12:00-1:00 MST Daylong Ceremony on the last Friday/weekend; 4 one on one private sessions individually scheduled. (Dates/times are flexible so we can accommodate those who sign up)

Only open to 4 participants max!

Soulskin Spiral Investment = $850


Soulskin Wheel

A 9 month Rite of Passage for our Soulskin Community

This special 9 month rite of passage is an offering open to those who have participated in the Soulskin Circle previously. The journey begins annually in the Fall and culminates in the Summer. 

If Soulskin Journeys’ offerings do not fit what you are seeking, or who we serve does not align with your identities, I would like to refer you to some other trustworthy individuals and organizations I have personal experience with and recommend highly:

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Gigi Wickwire Retreat For Mothers and Children Together

Gene Dillworth Soul-centered Personal Coaching, Wilderness Immersions, and Rewilding Mind

Mary Marsden // Be Earth Now Women’s Retreats and nature-based soul oriented mentorship

School of Lost Borders Wilderness-Based Rites of Passage and Field-Based Ecotherapy

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Courting Your Medicine a 4-Month Deep Dive into Finding and Embodying Your Sacred Purpose with Sweigh Spilkin & Katie Asmus